Iran expected to permanently cut off Internet by August

I Iran kan man säga att internetkriget har avslutats och de som vill kontrollera och bevaka har avgått med segern. Dock är jag säker på att kontakt mot det “riktiga” internet kommer att finnas kvar men det får ske utan att staten får kunskap om det.

Millions of Internet users in Iran could soon be permanently cut off from the Web, social networks, and e-mail.

In a statement released last week, Reza Taghipour, the Iranian minister for Information and Communications Technology, announced it plans to establish a national intranet within five months in an effort to create a “clean Internet,” according to an International Business Times report. “All Internet Service Providers (ISP) should only present National Internet by August,” Taghipour said in the statement.

Web sites such as Google, Hotmail, and Yahoo will be blocked and replaced by government-administered services such as like Iran Mail and Iran Search Engine, according to the report. The government has already begun a registration process for those interested in using the Iran Mail that will verify and record user’s full name and address.

Iran expected to permanently cut off Internet by August | Digital Media – CNET News.

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