Scammers Are Targeting Megaupload Users With Fake Legal Threats

At least two scams targeting users of file-sharing services have emerged over the last few days. So far the reports all come from overseas, but if it’s happening in Germany then similar scams in the US are very likely. Watch out.

The scams both try to trick users into thinking they’ve been busted for copyright infringement and that they’ll be on the hook for huge legal penalties unless they pay upfront settlement fees online. According to TorrentFreak, the first of the two scams appears to target former Megaupload users. The users received emails like the one above from a fake German law firm that claims to represents major entertainment companies. The scam provides no details about what you supposedly stole.

(via: Gizmodo – Warning: Scammers Are Targeting Megaupload Users With Fake Legal Threats)

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