För mycket upphovsrätt

Too Much Copyright: This Generation’s Prohibition | Techdirt

The Mickey Mouse curve: längden på upphovsrätt följer Musse Piggs ålder

Vartefter Musse Pigg har riskerat att inte vara upphovsrättsligt skyddad så har skyddstiden förlängts.

En kuggfråga: Hur många verk blev släppta från upphovsrättsligt skydd den 1 januari 2012 i USA?

Om man har skydd 70 år efter upphovsmannens död så borde ju en del verk komma över den gränsen varje nyår?

Svaret är 0 verk. Läs mer på sidan Public domain day.

What is entering the public domain in the United States? Nothing. Once again, we will have nothing to celebrate this January 1st. Not a single published work is entering the public domain this year. Or next year, or the year after that. In fact, in the United States, no publication will enter the public domain until 2019. And wherever in the world you live, you will likely have to wait a very long time for anything to reach the public domain. When the first copyright law was written in the United States, copyright lasted 14 years, renewable for another 14 years if the author wished. Jefferson or Madison could look at the books written by their contemporaries and confidently expect them to be in the public domain within a decade or two. Now? In the United States, as in most of the world, copyright lasts for the author’s lifetime, plus another 70 years. And we’ve changed the law so that every creative work is automatically copyrighted, even if the author does nothing.

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