MPAA: så länge underhållningsbranschen gör något så ska ni inte klaga

Wikipedias grundare Jimmy Wales förklarar att han inte lagligen kan se på Game of Thrones i London och att underhållningsbranschen kanske ska börja tänka om och sälja det som folk vill köpa.
MPAAs Kate Bedingfield som hänvisade till några tjänster, HULU, HBO Go, UltraViolet, för visa att det görs något och gick sedan över till att klaga på hur mycket pengar branschen förlorar på den illegala nedladdningen.

MPAA Points To Its Roster Of Crappy Online Services And Asks What We’re Complaining About | Techdirt

Allmänheten köper inte vad staten säger behövs i säkerhetens namn

A new survey suggests that the public just isn’t buying it. 63% of those polled worried about the impact on privacy and civil liberties if we provided greater information sharing with the government. So for all the talk about how there’s “bipartisan” support for doing something here, it’s not clear that there’s really American public support for this kind of thing.

The Public Isn’t Buying What The Feds Are Selling When It Comes To Cybersecurity Legislation | Techdirt

Kim Dotcom och Megaupload har synat amerikanarnas hand

Han åker över till USA frivilligt om vissa krav uppfylls, bland annat vill han att pengar släpps fria så att han kan betala advokaterna som hanterar hans försvar och att han ska få en rättvis rättegång. Nu kom bollen hastigt och lustigt över på amerikanarnas planhalva, jag har ingen aning om hur de kommer att reagera men försvaret verkar spela på att motståndarna inte har något som kommer att hålla i en rättegång.

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  • Kim Dotcom Offers To Come To The US, If DOJ Releases Funds For Legal Defense | Techdirt

    This is an interesting move, because it’s entirely possible that the DOJ will call his bluff here. Certainly, some of the strength in Dotcom’s case is that he wasn’t violating New Zealand law (which is required for the extradition to take place). A fight in a US court, against the DOJ, is a much tougher proposition — and a very risky bet. There are a lot of reasons why Dotcom may have a strong case, but the DOJ rarely loses. It happens, but it’s rare. Even in extreme cases, the DOJ is pretty good at railroading those they indict to “plea” out of a case rather than face a full trial.

  • Megaupload’s Kim Dotcom Offers to Surrender to the FBI, at a Price | Threat Level |

    The ever-provocative Dotcom tweeted Wednesday: “Hey DOJ, we will go to the US. No need for extradition. We want bail, funds unfrozen for lawyers & living expenses.”

    The German filesharing tycoon and his co-accused have a legal team comprising 25 lawyers in four countries working on their individual cases as well as that of Megaupload the company. According to Megaupload’s U.S. lead lawyer, Ira Rothken, none of the legal team has been paid yet.

    But Rothken would not confirm or deny if a deal was in the making, telling Wired, “We will not comment one way or another on the involving private discussions between counsel or whether such discussions even occurred.”

  • Kim Dotcom Will Go to the US in Exchange for Legal Funds | TorrentFreak

    Just hours after his extradition hearing was delayed until 2013, Kim Dotcom is offering the US Government an unusual deal. Growing tired of the “dirty games” being played, Megaupload’s founder says he will voluntarily go to the US if he and his colleagues are promised a fair trial and money to pay their legal and living expenses.

Anonymous startar egen wikileaks-liknande site: Par:AnoIA

Par:AnoIA: Anonymous Launches WikiLeaks-esque Site for Data Dumps |

Frustrated by the lack of impact from Anonymous’ otherwise famous hacks and data dumps, and the slow pace of material coming out of WikiLeaks, participants in the Anonymous collective have launched a WikiLeaks-like site called Par:AnoIA (Potentially Alarming Research: Anonymous Intelligence Agency).

Veckans TED video: Marc Goodman om morgondagens brottslighet

Om ett riktigt krig som sker på och med hjälp av Internet:

The world is becoming increasingly open, and that has implications both bright and dangerous. Marc Goodman paints a portrait of a grave future, in which technology’s rapid development could allow crime to take a turn for the worse.

Marc Goodman works to prevent future crimes and acts of terrorism, even those security threats not yet invented.

Skivbolag i england planerar aktioner mot torrentsiter

Music Labels Prepare Action To Block Major BitTorrent Sites | TorrentFreak

Following their legal action against The Pirate Bay, which resulted in a High Court order against some of UK’s largest ISPs, the record labels of the BPI are now preparing to target other leading torrent sites. Framing discussions around having The Pirate Bay blocked, the group is polling its members and affiliated groups to find out if they have any connections to a range of torrent sites including Demonoid, ExtraTorrent, H33T and TorrentReactor.

Musikfildelning är INTE ett problem, det är en ursäkt

Lång artikel om hur internet har förändrat allt inom musikbranschen. Nyttig läsning!

Music Piracy Is NOT a Problem, It’s an Excuse | TorrentFreak

Amerikanska kongressen godkänner att NSA fortsätter tveksam övervakning

Amerikanska kongressen godkänner att NSA fortsätter tveksam övervakning och visar samtidigt att man inte tänker övervaka NSA som man ska.

We’re still completely perplexed at how anyone in Congress could recognize that the NSA has refused to tell Congress how often it’s violated the privacy of Americans without a warrant under the FISA Amendments Act (FAA) — and then still vote to renew it. What kind of “oversight” is that? As Julian Sanchez recently wrote, it’s no oversight at all. As he notes, the law requires the NSA to “prevent” the spying on folks when both parties in communication are in the US — but here, the NSA is admitting that it has no mechanism to actually do that. Either (a) it’s lying or (b) it’s admitting that it cannot do what the law requires.

Ny ‘svart lista’ från USA

Nu får länder se till att ha sin lagstiftning och polisapparat uppdaterad och rustad till tänderna, annars kan man hamna på en ny svart lista som USA ska hålla: länder som är “cybersecurity concerns”

Countries That Don’t Put In Place Copyright Regimes The US Likes May Be Deemed ‘Cybersecurity Concerns’ | Techdirt

This seems to suggest that the State Department can now shame entire countries claiming they’re a “cybersecurity concern” if the reality is that their copyright enforcement efforts are more lax. With such a broad definition, it seems like just about any country could be blamed if they don’t magically somehow stop the “negative impact” of file sharing.

Brokeps nådeansökan

Nådeansökan — Copy me happy

Idag har jag skickat in min nådeansökan. Här är en kopia (den kommer ändå komma ut senare via media misstänker jag).
Det finns stänk av rättshaveri i det. Men det är så det är. Jag tror inte på min chans att få nåd, jag vill mest få ett undertecknat brev från staten om att de ignorerar sina misstag.