MPAA: så länge underhållningsbranschen gör något så ska ni inte klaga

Wikipedias grundare Jimmy Wales förklarar att han inte lagligen kan se på Game of Thrones i London och att underhållningsbranschen kanske ska börja tänka om och sälja det som folk vill köpa.
MPAAs Kate Bedingfield som hänvisade till några tjänster, HULU, HBO Go, UltraViolet, för visa att det görs något och gick sedan över till att klaga på hur mycket pengar branschen förlorar på den illegala nedladdningen.

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Obama pressas av SOPA-anhängare att stödja TPP

OVERNIGHT TECH: Industry presses Obama for tough intellectual property protections – The Hill’s Hillicon Valley

Dozens of major trade associations urged President Obama on Tuesday to fight for tough intellectual property protections in negotiations over an Asian-Pacific trade agreement.

The letter to the president was signed by many of the same groups that lobbied for controversial anti-piracy legislation earlier this year, including the Chamber of Commerce, the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) and the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

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The MPAA & RIAA claim that the internet is stealing billions of dollars worth of their property by sharing copies of files. They’re willing to destroy the internet with things like SOPA & PIPA in an attempt to collect that money.


Let’s just pay them the money! They’ve made it very clear that they consider digital copies to be just as valuable as the original. That makes it a lot easier to pay them back in two ways: a. We can email them scanned images of dollar bills instead of bulky paper and b. We don’t have to worry about the hassle of shipping huge quantities of cash.

Googles fiberplaner gör MPAA nervösa

Google har planer på att lägga ner fiber i marken till hemanvändare och det gör Hollywood nervösa.

It seems like every Hollywood statement about new technology follows the same format. “This new thing is great, but… piracy!” The problem is that they refuse to act on the first part until someone gives them a bulletproof solution to the second part—and since such a solution does not and never will exist, they ruin every attempt at a new service with ineffective restrictions and DRM schemes.

Google’s Fiber Makes MPAA Skittish. Why Does Hollywood See All Technology In Terms Of Piracy? | Techdirt

The fact that the MPAA can’t get through a single statement about something as clearly positive as faster internet without bringing up reservations about piracy doesn’t bode well for Hollywood’s future. The studios should be getting ahead of the new technology, and making sure that everyone who gets hooked up to a new fiber network is immediately greeted with a well-made, well-priced movie service that gives them a chance to test out their speedy new connection. Instead they’re probably going to watch the technology develop with caution, wait for pirates to beat them to the punch, then arrive in the market with an inferior product and complaints about how they “can’t compete”.

MPAA Wants Megaupload User Data Retained for Lawsuits

Hollywood studios want a federal judge to preserve data on all the 66.6 million users of Megaupload, the file-sharing service that was shuttered in January due to federal indictments targeting its operators.

The Motion Picture Association of America is requesting Carpathia, Megaupload’s Virginia-based server host, to retain the 25 petabytes of Megaupload data on its servers, which includes account information for Megaupload’s millions of users. That’s according to a newly surfaced court filing in the Megaupload prosecution in connection to charges of racketeering and criminal copyright infringement.

MPAA Wants Megaupload User Data Retained for Lawsuits