Hur har ACTA förhandlats fram?

EDRi har publicerat fyra dokument som belyser hur förhandlingarna har framskridit och problemen EU har haft med de amerikanska positionerna.

ACTA: European Commission negotiation failures | EDRI

De förklarar även vad kommissionen har bett om och vad man fick:

What the EC asked for: What the EC got:
Transparency Some transparency for US companies, but nothing meaningful for European citizens and businesses.
Transparency EU Presidency actively choosing not to brief EU Member States.
No mandatory enforcement of intellectual property law by ISPs Mandatory obligations on states party to ACTA to encourage enforcement of intellectual property law by ISPs.
No change to substantive copyright law A further complication of EU law on copyright exceptions and limitations.
Prioritisation of health and safety issues in international cooperation Nothing.
Adequate environmental protection in the disposal of seized material A “safeguard” which creates no change to the status quo. In essence, nothing
Definitions of key terms in ACTA Nothing
Protection for geographical indications Nothing

Dokumenten visar dessutom hur kommissionen och EU-presidenten har vilselett parlamentet och EUs medborgare.

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