Megaupload vinner ett stort slag i kriget mot amerikanska staten

En Nyzeeländsk domare har beordrat amerikanska staten att lämna över kopior på all bevisning man har till den förvarande sidan, något som de har vägrat att göra. Detta är anmärkningsvärt då det är svårt att förvara sig om man inte vet vad motståndarsidan kommer att använda för bevisning. USA har hävdat att man inte har rätt att se bevisning i ett utlämningsärende, något den Nzeeländske domaren nu har sagt nej till och man har 21 dagar på sig att lämna över alla dokument man har i ärendet.

Much of today’s ruling looks into procedural issues, but Judge Harvey also makes some interesting remarks on the way the U.S. is handling this case. He notes that if the U.S. has its way the extradition process would be merely “administrative”, as opposed to “judicial”. This would interfere with the rights of the accused, who according to Judge Harvey should have the right to review the evidence so they can argue against it.

“In my view there must be fairness and the hearing and balance must be struck, otherwise the record of case becomes dominant virtually to the exclusion of everything else and places the extradition process in danger of becoming an administrative one rather than judicial,” the verdict reads.

The Judge further grants disclosure of evidence related to all the criminal charges, and notes that the allegations of the U.S. Government are rather complex. For example, the authorities are applying civil copyright concepts in a criminal context. Furthermore, he notes that the copyright infringement changes are the cornerstone, in the sense that the money laundering, wire fraud and racketeering charges are all based on the alleged copyright infringements.

“There is a complex factual matrix and justiciable issues are complicated by the fact that the United States is attempting to utilize concepts from the civil copyright context as a basis for the application of criminal copyright liability which necessitates a consideration of principles such as the dual use of technology or what they described as significant non-infringing use,” Judge Harvey writes.

“The existence of criminal copyright charges is a keystone to providing the unlawful conduct element of the racketeering, money laundering and wire fraud charges.”

Megaupload Wins Crucial Evidence Disclosure Battle With US Govt. | TorrentFreak

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